At Serenze Global, we offer our students mentorship opportunities with top industry experts. As a student of our program, you can book virtual one-on-one mentoring sessions with one of our mentors.

Students can book mentoring sessions through the mentoring space in our online community.

Name: Amol Antony Jose

Title: Team Manager of Software Engineers

Expertise: Career development, communication, software engineering practices

Location: London, UK


Bio: Amol has worked a number of years as a Lead Engineer focussing on Software Engineering practices with a focus on end-user quality. More recently he has been working as an Engineering Manager developing an inclusive diverse team.

Name: Bryce Klinker

Title: Principal Software Engineer

Expertise: Software Development, Extreme Programming (TDD, Pairing)

Location: Mitchellville, Iowa, United States


Bio: I have worked in healthcare, agriculture, construction, lighting, insurance, and other industries for more than ten years. I’ve worked as a consultant and a full-time employee for multiple companies over the past ten years. My passion lies in building the right things the right way. I’ve been able to focus on building software that can keep working and be maintained after I leave.

Name: Christina Aldan

Title: Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, and Mentor

Expertise: Career development, emotional intelligence, brand strategy

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA



Bio: Brand strategy consultant based in Las Vegas who has spoken on all 7 continents teaches businesses how to connect their products with their ideal consumers using emotional intelligence. Experienced with advising startups, coaching consultants and executives, and supporting non-profits with culturally-competent mental health awareness. TEDx Speaker, Commencement Address Speaker, and soon-to-be author.

Name: Cory House

Title: Consultant, Software Developer, Author, and Speaker

Expertise: Front-end web development, React, and Javascript

Location: Lenexa, Kansas, USA



Bio: Cory is a React and JavaScript specialist. He is principal consultant at He’s a Pluralsight author, a Microsoft MVP, and an international speaker.

Name: Matthew Renze

Title: Data Science Consultant, Author, and Public Speaker

Expertise: AI, ML, data science, and software development

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA



Bio: Matthew has taught over 400,000 software developers and IT professionals. He’s is a Microsoft MVP in AI, an ASPInsider, and an author for PluralsightUdemy, and Skillshare. He’s also the president of Serenze Global.

Name: Mitch Sellers

Title: Architect, Mentor, Speaker, Business Leader

Expertise: .NET development (including web/mobile), career/professional development, security and performance

Location: Des Moines, Iowa, USA



Bio: Mitchel is the CEO at IowaComputerGurus, a Microsoft MVP, an ASPInsider, and a regular Speaker on all things technology. He places special emphasis on security, performance, and maintainability of code.

Name: Serene Renze (aka. “Heather Wilde”)

Title: CTO, Executive Coach, Author, and Public Speaker

Expertise: UI/UX, cybersecurity, and career development

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA



Bio: Heather Wilde is the author of the multiple award-winning “Birth of a Unicorn” and was the eighth employee of Evernote, where she oversaw the company’s growth from thousands to 100 million customers. She’s published popular games, trained Fortune 500 brands, advised hundreds of startups, and managed some major nonprofit programs. She has worked with the U.S. Air Force, Space Force, Navy, NASA and state and local governments around the world. Now, as CTO at TheDifference, her award-winning work keeps the “Unicorn Whisperer” constantly traveling across the globe to find the next unicorn.

Name: Shawn Wildermuth

Title: Instructor and Author

Expertise: Web development, .NET stack, JavaScript client-side development

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA



Bio: Shawn Wildermuth has been tinkering with computers and software since he got a Vic-20 back in the early ‘80s. He has been a Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight Author, and filmmaker.

Name: Stephanie Hudson

Title: Speaker, Podcast Host, Digital Marketing Boss, Corny Joke Aficionado

Expertise: Sales Techniques, Strategic Outsourcing, Public Speaking

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


Bio: Stephanie has been creating brands and building websites from coast to coast since the 1990s. Equal parts geek and dreamer, her wide-ranging experience gives her the chops to understand complex tech and then explain it simply for mere mortals. With expertise that pre-dates wifi, Stephanie brings enthusiasm, technical know-how (and corny jokes) to every conversation. When not crafting custom marketing strategies at Sweet Tea Marketing or helping entrepreneurs scale their digital agencies at FocusWP, you can find her relaxing fireside with a juicy IPA at her home in Charlotte, NC.

Name: Steve Lewis

Title: Senior Software Engineering Manager

Expertise: Software development, career development, socio-technical systems

Location: Portland, OR, USA


Bio: Steve has built a career by swimming across currents and helping organizations both large and small, spanning many industries, to float above the tides. His focus throughout that time has been in ensuring that technology is applied to meet the needs of the people on each side of a solution.