Toheeb of Nigeria

As a student of Petroleum and Gas Engineering at the University of Lagos in Nigeria, Toheeb learned about machine learning and the ecosystem. It fueled his desire to take on the challenges of data science and machine learning, spurring him to apply for a Serenze Global grant.

“The more I learned about machine learning, the more I realized that the possibilities are endless and the more I became interested in it,” he said.

Toheeb’s passion for energy lead him to pursue the career in petroleum and gas engineering. He discovered the gas industry is becoming more technology-oriented and encourages the application of machine learning and data science for more efficiency.

Although Toheeb had already taken some free courses on Pluralsight, he had a desire to learn more and liked the structured learning paths on Pluralsight but could not afford to join the e-learning platform. He was awarded the Serenze Global grant in January 2021, which has given him access to Pluralsight to further pursue his passion.

“The grant has been helpful to me not only because I have a premium account but also that I get to meet people from other places who are interested in the same thing,” said Toheeb. “The opportunity was introduced to me by a colleague who then became my accountability partner with whom I have learnt a lot about time management. He helped me stay motivated through my learning process and made sure I met my set target for the month.”

Since becoming a Serenze Global student, Toheeb also participated in the Microsoft Ignite Challenge to earn a voucher to take a professional exam. He completed the challenge, earned his voucher and was able to take the Designing and Implementing Data Science Solution in Microsoft Azure exam. He’s excited to announce he passed the exam and became a Microsoft Certified Data Scientist Associate.

He has also gone on to publish articles on Hashnode.

– Written by Emily A. Roush