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Introducing the Serenze Global Class of 2022

We are very happy to introduce to you the Serenze Global Class of 2022!

Earlier this year, we announced our second annual technology education grant. Our goal again this year is to help 100 people improve their lives, their careers, and their communities through technology education.

As part of our mission, we focus on individuals who are currently under-represented in the IT industry. We’re also specifically focusing on individuals who have experienced hardships as a result of the global pandemic this year.

Ultimately, we’re hoping to help cultivate the next generation of tech community leaders by providing them with the skills they need to succeed through free access to technology education.

So, to help you better understand our students and their various backgrounds, we’d like to introduce you to the Serenze Global Class of 2022.

First, we have students by their years in the program. As you can see in the chart above, we had 20 returning students from last year and 80 new students this year. We had over half of our existing students request to return to the program, but we had over 1,500 new applicants this year, so we were only able to retain the top 20 students.

Second, we have students by their age. As you can see from the chart above, the majority of our students are in their 20s and 30s. However, we have one teenage student and 3 students in their 50s this year.

Third, we have students by their gender. We have 67 male students and 31 female students this year. We feel that is a good ratio given that we had four times as many male applicants as female applicants. In addition, we have our first transgender students joining us this year.

Fourth, we have students by their ethnicity. For the 2nd year in a row, the vast majority of our students (over 90%) are of African (Black) origins. We also have 5 students of Asian origins, one Latino student, and a few other ethnicities from subgroups in Africa.

Fifth, we have students by their education level. The majority of our students again this year have 4-year degrees. However, we also have some students with high-school educations, master’s degrees, and a few students with doctoral degrees.

Sixth, we have students by their employment status. The majority of our students this year are currently unemployed – so we’re hoping to change that status by the end of the year. In addition, we have several students who are currently attending university and some that are employed full-time, part-time, or self-employed.

Seventh, we have students by country. As you can see, we had a tremendous number of applicants from Nigeria again this year. However, we also have students from several new countries joining us this year as well. We love how this program is spreading locally via word of mouth and across the world via the internet.

Just to see how far-reaching the word of this opportunity was in Nigeria again this year, here’s a chart of students by their city in Nigeria. As you can see, this was (once again) a country-wide initiative to spread the word to various communities.

Finally, here’s a map to help you visualize the reach of our global technology education program. The map below contains all of our current students and alumni from last year’s program. As you can see, this program has affected the lives of over 100 people on every continent in the world (excluding Antarctica).

Over the next few years, we want to have this entire map filled with students from every country in the world. With your help, we believe we can achieve this goal.

Best of luck to the students in our Class of 2022 this year!


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    Grateful to be among the scholars this year

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