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Introducing the Serenze Global Class of 2021

We are very happy to introduce our Serenze Global Class of 2021!

Earlier this year, we announced our 2021 Technology Education Grant. Our goal was to help 100 people improve their lives, their careers, and their communities in 2021. We focused specifically on technology education because we feel that this is the best way to help our students achieve their goals.

As part of our mission, we focused on individuals who were under-represented in the IT industry. In addition, we also focused on helping those who have experience hardships as a result of the global pandemic. We were also looking for individuals who share our belief that we can make the world a better place through technology, education, and community.

So, we’d like to introduce you to the recipients of our Technology Education Grant this year — our Serenze Global Class of 2021.

First, in the chart below, we have our students by their final grant application status. We accepted over 80% of all of the applicants we received this year.

Next, let’s take a look at students by age. We have students ranging from teenagers to seniors, with the majority of our applicants in their 20s and 30s.

Third, we have students by their gender. We were hoping for more female applicants — in fact, almost all of our targeted marketing efforts were geared towards women. However, we’re going to work even harder next year to increase our gender diversity.

Fourth, we have students by race/ethnicity. We had a lot of applicants of Black or African origins followed by Asians and various other ethnicities. We were very happy to see such a diverse array of applicants from various backgrounds.

Fifth, we have students by education level. The majority of our students have 4-year degrees. However, we also have some high school graduates, 2-year degrees, and a few students with Master’s degrees and one with a Ph.D.

SIxth, we have students by country of residence. We have a large number of students from Nigeria this year. In fact, word of the grant spread very quickly in Nigeria. So, thank you to everyone who spread the word about this opportunity!

Just to show how wide-spread the word of this opportunity was in the country of Nigeria, here’s a chart of students by their city in Nigeria. As you can see, this was a country-wide initiative to spread the word to various communities. Once again, excellent work to everyone who helped spread the word about this grant.

Finally, here’s a map to help you better visualize the reach of our global initiative. As you can see, we have applicants from every continent in the world — except for Antarctica. Next year, we’re hoping to have this entire map filled with students. With your help, we believe that we can achieve this goal.

We wish our entire Class of 2021 all the best in achieving their educational and career goals this year!

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